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Agility is the fastest growing sport for dogs and humans to compete in.  It is a fascinating sport, but is ever changing.  No two courses are the same.  Agility builds strong bonds between people and their dogs.  All dogs compete in their own jump height, from 4" to 24" and 26" will be added this Sept.  There are three class divisions: Novice, Open, Excellent. Standard Agility includes the A-Frame; Teeter Totter; Dog Walk as well as Jumps; Tunnels and Weave Poles.  The Jumpers Class includes Jumps and Tunnels as well as weave poles.

The Titles that a dog can receive are Novice title NA, Novice jumpers NAJ, Open Title OA, OAJ, Excellent AX, AXJ.

All of these titles take three Qualifying  scores.  After you receive an AX, you can continue to compete to receive a Master Excellent title which is MX, MXJ that takes 10 qualified runs with a score of 100 to receive the MX; same for MXJ.  After you complete this title you can continue to compete to get your MACH which is a Masters Agility Championship.  This degree takes 750 points and 20 double Q'S which is qualifying in both classes at the same show 20 times.  

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