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Conformation classes prepare the pure bred dog to be shown in the dog show conformation ring.  This is an opportunity for the exibitor to teach the dog how it is expected to behave in the ring and the show venue before and after the dog is in the ring.  While it may appear to be a simple thing to bring a dog to the dog show and walk it into the show ring, if the exibitor expects the dog to prevail against the competition, then preparation is necessary.  

The excitement of the conformation show venue and the excitement that is transmitted down the leash from the handler to the dog are things for which the handler needs to prepare the dog.  The dog also needs to know how to behave when surrounded by several hundred other dogs and hundreds of strange humans.  

Every sport has the tricks-of-the-trade that enable the sportsperson to have a slightly better chance of winning the competition if they are known to the competitor and trained into the dog.  These classes are the chance to teach the dog what to expect when competing and a chance for the handlers to learn and practice the tricks that will give them an edge over those who have not practiced among other handlers and dogs. 



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